Foodeez is South Africa's leading provider of obsolete stock solutions for manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers.

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welcome to foodeez

Welcome to South Africa’s leading provider of obsolete stock solution providers. From small beginnings Foodeez has grown into a multi-faceted business, spearheading the growth in shelf-stable food recovery as a viable alternative to dumping food – food that in most instances is perfectly safe for human consumption. We provide a win for manufacturers by providing some form of financial recovery on obsolete stock, we provide a win for cash-strapped consumers who are battling with food insecurity, and we are starting to make a dent in the negative environmental impact that results from dumping.

what we do

Groceries Unlimited


This division focuses on supplier engagement and purchasing agreements, as well as on-site stock inspection and processing.

Groceries Unlimited


A warehousing and processing facility which receives the stock, debrands, processes and repackages where necessary, and distributes to the group-owned Foodeez retail outlets.

Groceries Unlimited


An expanding network of Foodeez retail outlets where the stock is sold directly to the public. We do not wholesale, so all obsolete stock is only available for sale in a controlled environment.