Why Us

Everyone Wins

Our business benefits all the role players in the food industry.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers now have a viable alternative to dumping obsolete stock, be it damaged, short-dated, failed product launches or excess stock from test runs. We offer financial recovery on two levels – by making a financial offer for the stock, as well as removing the increasing costs and related administration of dumping.

From a consumer point of view, we are making food affordable for families and individuals who are seriously battling to keep their heads above water. This is especially true in the case of elderly people who are no longer economically active.

Much has also been written about the negative effect on the environment of mass dumping. While we are only scratching the surface in terms of the sheer quantity of food being buried or destroyed, we are seeing responsible stakeholders becoming more supportive of efforts to minimise the environmental impact of this practice. Historically there has been very little alternative. We offer a viable alternative.

In our 2022 financial year Foodeez diverted over 4000 tons of food destined for landfill.