Operating Procedure

We have simplified our process to make it easy for our suppliers to deal with us operationally;

  1. Suppliers forward an inventory list of problematic stock to us.
  2. If necessary we will inspect the stock prior to making an offer. In many cases we are familiar with the products and will make an offer based on the inventory list supplied. We rarely cherry-pick – in most cases we will make an offer for the total parcel irrespective of size or location.
  3. Suppliers accept our offer and generate a Proforma invoice.
  4. We pay 100% of the price prior to delivery, and arrange to collect the stock. In many cases our clients deliver directly to our warehouse.
  5. We reconcile actual deliveries with the Proforma and notify our clients of any debits or credits due.
  6. We also have customer accounts with some of our larger suppliers which makes reconciliation between stock list and actual delivery easier. This is our preferred operating procedure since it avoids additional administration when there are variances in deliveries.