Food Dating

Expired / Best Before / Sell-by / Use by

  • “Expired” is generally used for pharmaceutical products, indicating the date after which the product’s efficacy is compromised.
  • “Sell-by” and “Use by” is generally used by retailers on perishable products.
  • “Best Before” is used on non-perishable products, and is an indication of when the product intrinsics may no longer match the nutritional information contained on the label.

All non-perishable products will deteriorate over time in terms of colour, texture and sometimes taste, but it can never be unsafe for human consumption.

Whilst it is perfectly legal in South Africa to sell products that have passed their Best Before dates, it is against the law to tamper with these dates, and in so doing, attempt to deceive consumers. We strictly adhere to the existing legislation in this regard.

“Best before” date: to be mandatory for non-perishables but no prohibition regarding placed on the sale thereof after the date has expired in view of it relating only to the optimum freshness, thus quality aspects, of these products.
South African Department of Health